Thematic Workshops

8 al bench5 permanent thematic workshops have been established, with the participation of Italian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and German high-level experts and practitioners in the field of welfare and social innovation.

You could join one, more than one or all thematic workshops once you are registered into the CoP, by simply clicking “Join Thematic Workshop” and have access to all information exchange and debate on the 5 following topics:

Entrepreneurship in the social services and innovative financing

A new set of formal and non-formal formation 

Enhancement of multi-skilling profiles

Pioneering social innovation devices

Improvement of information systems

If you are already registered, enter the website and visit the section thematic workshops.


  • Entrepreneurship in the social services and innovative financing

    What do we aim at? The main objectives that we aim at within this thematic workshop are the following:to foster a good framework for the development of a network working in the entrepreneurship for social services field, according to a common methodology; to examine the social service sector from a multidisciplinary perspective, also to analyze the well-functioning of the methodology and the...
    5 Discussions
    14 Wall Posts
  • A new set of formal and non formal formation

    What do we aim at? Within the thematic workshop, we aim at enhancing the exchange of information and experiences in the field of methodologies, practices and implemented measures for the upgrading of formal and not formal skills of the social sector professionals. What issues are we facing? Within our thematic workshop, we can ask questions, offer resources and contribute to the discussions on topics, such...
    11 Discussions
    25 Wall Posts
  • Enhancement of multi-skilling profiles

    What do we aim at? The purpose of our thematic workshop activity is to understand how to best support public decision-makers and relevant stakeholders in the social sector as far as multi-skills profiles emerging in the social sector. Within the group, the focus will be on exchanging experiences, working methodologies, resources and literature, as well as discussing on different opinions. We will look for answers at the key...
    8 Discussions
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  • Pioneering social innovation devices

    What do we aim at? In order to be efficient, any type of intervention of social policy must increasingly be based on the synergistic cooperation between different subjects within the public and private sectors. Therefore, our thematic workshop promotes:  understanding of the concept of public private partnership (PPP) and the system of social cooperation;  identification of already established networks,...
    4 Discussions
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  • Improvement of information systems

    What do we aim at? Our group aims at a series of concrete, specific and decisive objectives at the moment, like: to detect problems faced by professionals, due to fragmented and not mutually connected information systems; to identify and debate about the necessary measures to improve gathering information systems and trends forecasting; improve the development of common methodologies and...
    11 Discussions
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Тази седем годишна програма е насочена към всички заинтересовани страни, които могат да помогнат за разработването на подходяща и ефективна заетост и социално законодателство и политики в ЕС-27, страните от ЕАСТ и ЕИП и страните кандидатки за ЕС и потенциални кандидатки.. За повече информация вижте: http://ec.europa.eu/progress
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