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IDR insiti tute Intercultural Development Research

The IDRAcademy is a coordinated curriculum organized around two core courses - one at each of two levels - with domain-specific applications at each level. The Intercultural Development Diploma is offered for the completion of the curriculum.
The curriculum is intended for professionals with an interest in intercultural issues, practicing interculturalists, and graduate students pursuing an intercultural specialty. One or both core courses can be taken alone or in combination with domainspecific courses. Certificates of completion of particular curricula are available.
At the first level of applied theory, the core course is:
• Constructivist Foundations of Intercultural Communication: Applying the New Paradigm
This course explores the relativist and constructivist roots of intercultural studies, contrasts intercultural assumptions to those of other fields, and examines paradigmatic confusion in applications. It is a prerequisite for the domain-specific courses at this level and/or the practice- level courses.
The domain-specific courses at the applied theory level are:
• Embodied Culture: Discovering the Feeling of Self and Other in Cultural Context
• Cultural Diversity and Value Reconciliation: Gateways to Innovation
• Multicultural Development: Applying Intercultural Principles to Diversity and Inclusion
• Intercultural Research: Constructivist and Developmental Methodology
At the second level of coherent practice, the core course is:
• Sustainable Intercultural Development: Designing Constructivist Interventions
This course shows how careful applications of intercultural theory can generate coherent and sustainable change in individuals and organizations. Special attention is given to constructivist/developmental approaches to change agentry and the design of interventions leading to increased intercultural communication competence.
This course is a prerequisite for the domain-specific courses at this level:
• Blended Training Design for Diverse Learners
• Multicultural Teams: Increasing the Value of Cultural Difference
• Global Leadership: Making Organizations More Interculturally Competent
• Intercultural Conflict Resolution: Constructing Developmental Solutions
• Intercultural Coaching: Facilitating Personal Intercultural Sensitivity/Competence
• International Education: Turning Cross-cultural Contact into Intercultural Learning



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