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Ledha was established in 1979, named 'League for the rights of handicapped persons', as a network of several non governmental organizations based in the Lombardy region, with the aim to promote and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities and their families.Language is ever evolving, words adapted, yet Ledha, 'League for the rights of persons with disabilities', strives to maintain the same commitment.
LEDHA for Organizations
LEDHA coordinates and represents all affiliated organizations and promotes the sharing and exchanging of experiences through group works on specific issues such as education, work and employment, recreational and leisure activities, accessibility, independent living....
LEDHA provides training to workers and volunteers, offers advice on planning issues, sustains the strengthening of organizations' network and spreads useful information to organizations about their own development.
LEDHA for society
LEDHA plays as stakeholder in the debate with Lombardy public authorities, opened to consultive discussion to develop activities and services that shall improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families.
LEDHA aims at spreading a culture of equal opportunities, the right to self determination and the right to independent living for persons with disabilities through cultural activities (such as communication, conferences, consultation and lending of books and videos, research, publications) and trainings for social workers, public authorities, educational institutions.



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