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Paola Baracchetti
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CBM (Centro per il bambino maltrattato e la cura del trauma familiare)

CBM opera per consolidare le conoscenze, le competenze e la capacità degli operatori dei servizi pubblici e del privato sociale.
Da quasi 30 anni istituzioni ed enti si rivolgono a CBM per avere risposta a bisogni di implementazione delle conoscenze, delle competenze e delle capacità degli operatori dei servizi pubblici e del privato sociale. Da sempre, infatti, gli operatori CBM hanno “esportato” un sapere clinico e sociale nato dall’esperienza d’interventi con i minori maltrattati e le loro famiglie e dalle ricerche avviate nei più importanti ambiti universitari, italiani e stranieri.
ission and activities
The Center for Maltreated Children and family crisis treatment (CBM) is a social cooperative (ONLUS) created in 1984 which aims at preventing and treating child abuse and family violence.
CBM offers its help to children and families, closely cooperating with institutions, local socio-medical services and Law Courts. The CBM staff include social workers, educators, child neuropsychiatrists, pediatricians, family psychotherapists.
The CBM currently provides the following services:
• Hotline where private citizens or socio-medical services can report any abuse;
• Care Home, sheltering maltreated, abused and neglected children, based in Milan;
• Multi-disciplinary team for diagnosis and psychotherapy of children and their families. It also offers advice to local socio-medical services;
• A training agency dedicated to professional workers of the sector;
• A neutral space for parents-children meeting where high protection is required.
The CBM Hotline
The hotline is available to citizens and social workers concerned about children in difficult or dangerous situations. It implements the first necessary measures by giving advice to the person reporting the problem and through contact with the social services.
Residential Care
The Care Home gives residential care for children (and mother) that have been temporarily removed from their families because of situations of “serious prejudice”. It accommodates up to ten children, aged between 2 and 12 years.
The function of the Care Homes is to protect minors, welcome and reassure the children while supporting them in working through their traumatic experiences and in the relationship with their parents, through an individualized project connected to the family work.
The average stay is six months, from a few days to a year, depending on the possibility of going back to the parents.
Family Therapy Service
The service, through a psychosocial team, deals with family therapy, making a diagnosis and a prognosis on family relationships and parental functioning, providing psychotherapeutic and social support in case of positive prognosis. The families are taken into care on mandate of the local socio-health services and of the Court.
Research and Documentation Center
Its tasks concern scientific information and training, it manages a databank on the activity of the whole organization.
It is equipped with a library and provides access to the bibliographical documentation by appointment.
Vocational Training Activities
The CBM staff is engaged in professional training for professional and specialists involved public and private services (ASL, Municipalities, etc.) It provides a diversified number of training courses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of intrafamilial neglect, maltreatment and sexual abuse. The courses are held both at its own head office and at the premises of the services concerned.
Neutral Space Service
It is a meeting place for parents and children scarred by a family history of violence, abuse or painfull divorces also on mandate of the same service provided by the Municipality of Milan. It aims at providing a protected place where the children-parents relationship can be evaluated, established or re-established.



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