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Universities for Social Work Related Courses
Contact Person:
Girolamo Cusimano
+39.09123899402, +39.09123867524, +39.09123899517

University of Palermo, Department of Cultures and Society, School of the Human Sciences and of the Cultural Heritage

The Master’s Degree Course in Social Work and Social Policies aims at educating professionals capable of reading the territory, understanding its issues and carrying out managerial activities in the relevant administrations, to tackle the various social situations, proposing adequate solutions to the complexity of social issues. In view of this objective, the course provides an interdisciplinary approach, based upon a close link between professional subjects and sociological, economic and legal subjects in their various articulations. A particular attention is paid not only to core sociological subjects, but also to other scientific areas for their importance in the understanding of social processes and in an adequate construction of targeted social policies, and namely: Business Organisation, for competences related to public economics, local authorities, management accounting and coordination and organisation of interventions in the region, coordination and management of cooperation and nonprofit organisations; Private Law and Administrative Law , with respect to some specific themes of the course, focusing on citizenship rights, immigrants’ rights, juvenile rights and on the social effects of laws regulating public and private employment. The course also entitles practice activities and a dissertation aiming at a more adequate development of the interdisciplinary approach already built with mandatory courses.



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