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LesMigraS - Antidiscrimination and Antiviolence work area of the Lesbenberatung Berlin

LesMigraS is engaged in anti-discrimination and anti-violence work, offers counselling and a space for self-empowerment for lesbian/bisexual migrants, black lesbians and trans*people. They advocate for a society in which all aspects of the life and identity of lesbian, bisexual women and trans*people are accepted and appreciated. LesMigraS takes in consideration that there is not only sexual orientation, but also belonging to different social, religious and cultural groups. LesMigraS offers counseling (in person, on the phone, via email, chat in many languages, sometimes with interpreters) related to topics such as dealing with experiences of violence and discrimination, violence in lesbian and trans* relationship and legal advice. Empowerment projects and research projects are part of their work.
The web page of the project is available in 10 languages.
LesMigraS is actively engaged in several networks and works closely with antidiscrimination and antiviolence projects. Furthermore they have published books in different languages.



c/o Lesbenberatung Berlin e.V.

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